DIY Faux Flower Arrangements: Create Stunning Seasonal Decor

DIY Faux Flower Arrangements: Create Stunning Seasonal Decor

Creating your own faux flower arrangements can be a fun and rewarding way to enhance your home decor. With the right tips and tricks, you can craft beautiful, long lasting arrangements that suit any season. This guide will help you choose the perfect faux foliage, filler flowers, and centrepiece stems, and show you how to mix and match colours for different seasons. 

Choosing Your Faux Foliage, Filler Flowers, and Centrepiece Stems

Faux Foliage: The Foundation of Your Arrangement

The first step in creating a stunning faux flower arrangement is selecting your foliage. Faux foliage serves as the backdrop, adding volume and texture. These are some of our favourite stems to start building your arrangement with:

  • Eucalyptus: A versatile and popular choice, eucalyptus adds a lush, green base that works year-round. We have chosen the best quality faux eucalyptus stems for their realistic appearance. Our favourite is the Faux Berry Eucalyptus, it's long leaves offer beautiful versatility to work with lots of different styles of arrangements. 
  • Ferns: Perfect for a more delicate and airy look, ferns provide a natural, wild touch. Our Faux Fern Sprays delicate fronds wonderfully mimic the wild look of real ferns.
  • Olive Branches: These add a Mediterranean vibe and pair well with a variety of flowers. Introduce the beautiful of lush mediterranean greenery with the long stemmed faux olive stems.

Faux Berry Eucalyptus Spray Faux Long Stemmed Olive Spray

Filler Flowers: Adding Depth and Texture

Filler flowers bridge the gap between your foliage and centrepiece stems. They add depth and help blend everything together. These are a few we love using to help create the perfect faux arrangement. 

  • Gypsophila - Light and airy, gypsophila is perfect for adding a soft touch to your arrangement. Sometime you might see this one called baby's breath, it has a very delicate appearance and is often seen as a very romantic flower. 
  • Viburnum - Known for their delicate white or green petals. They often have several heads on one stem and provide beautiful coverage in your arrangement. The beautifully realistic cream Viburnum is perfect for filling out your arrangements.
  • Lisianthus - A beautifully vibrant stem that offers several larger flowers, it's perfect for introducing height to your arrangement. 


Centrepiece Stems: The Focal Point

Your centrepiece stems are the stars of your arrangement. These are the ones that create a real statement. Often these are the stems you can build your arrangement around, whether you choose to mix your larger flowers or just choose one style of stem for your arrangement. They draw the eye and set the tone for the bouquet. These are some of our favourites to create arrangements with:
  • Roses: Classic and timeless, roses come in a variety of colours and are perfect for every season. The muted blush roses are perfect for adding those wonderfully neutral tones. 
  • Peonies - Beautifully lush and full blooms. These are perfect for Spring and Summer, we have curated a collection of different peonies stems, with closed and open buds. The faux white bud peonies are one of our favourites. 
  • Hydrangeas - The perfect show stopping, statement flowers for any arrangement, they always add a huge burst of beautiful colour. For Autumn we love the Fig and Olive Hydrangea stems. 


Choosing the Right Colour Scheme

Colour is key to creating a visually appealing and beautiful arrangement. These are our top tips for adding the right colour to your arrangement:
  • Monochromatic: Stick to one colour in varying shades for a sophisticated look. For example, shades of pink can range from blush to deep rose.
  • Complimentary Colours: Use colours opposite each other on the colour wheel, like green and purple. Mixing them together makes the colours really pop. The faux green hydrangea and purple lilacs arrangement would be the perfect example of this.
  • Seasonal Colours: If you've followed us for a while you'll know we love our seasonal colours and adore any excuse to decorate for the seasons. Match your colour scheme to the season. Think soft pastels for spring, brighter tones for summer, rich and warm tones for autumn, and cool shades for winter.


Mixing and Matching for Different Seasons

One of the benefits of faux flower arrangements is their versatility. You can easily mix and match existing stems to create new looks for each season. Here’s how:

Spring: Soft and Fresh

  • Base Flowers: White roses and eucalyptus
  • Seasonal Additions: Pink peonies, baby’s breath, and lavender
  • Tip: Incorporate pastel colours to reflect the fresh, new beginnings of spring.

Summer: Bright and Bold

  • Base Flowers: White roses and eucalyptus
  • Seasonal Additions: Bright sunflowers, orange lilies, and blue hydrangeas
  • Tip: Use bold, vibrant colours to capture the energy and warmth of summer.

Autumn: Warm and Cosy

  • Base Flowers: White roses and eucalyptus
  • Seasonal Additions: Rich purple hydrangeas, Dried effect stems, Leaf sprays
  • Tip: Incorporate warm, earthy tones to evoke the cosy feel of autumn.

Winter: Cool and Elegant

  • Base Flowers: White roses and eucalyptus
  • Seasonal Additions: Poinsettias,  pinecones, and holly sprays
  • Tip: Use cool tones and metallic accents to create a festive, elegant winter arrangement.

Creating Your Own Faux Flower Arrangement

Ready to create your own faux flower arrangement? Here's the only steps you need!

  1. Gather Your Materials: Choose your faux foliage, filler flowers, and centrepiece stems based on the season and your desired colour scheme.
  2. Prepare Your Vase: Select a vase that compliments your arrangement. If you need to you can fill it with paper to raise your stems up.
  3. Start with Foliage: Begin by arranging your faux foliage to create a base.
  4. Add Filler Flowers: Insert filler flowers evenly throughout the arrangement to add depth and texture.
  5. Place Centrepiece Stems: Finish by adding your centrepiece stems, ensuring they are evenly spaced and balanced.

Shop Our Faux Flower Collection

Ready to get started? Browse our extensive collection of faux flowers, foliage, and accessories to find everything you need to create stunning seasonal arrangements. Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just starting out, we have the perfect pieces to inspire your creativity.

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