Happy belated 1st birthday to us!

Well it’s been just over a year now since we started Ivy Grey and what a year it’s been! From my little dream of independence and building a future for myself! We’ve grown to over 11,000 followers on Instagram and over 2,000 on Facebook. It’s not all about numbers but it’s so lovely to know there is such a supportive community behind us. What’s incredible is this is just the beginning for us, we want to keep building and learning from our customers. So whether you’ve read our blogs, liked a post, followed us or even been one of our lovely customers! Thank you so much! Your support has just been incredible, it’s what’s kept me going when it’s felt like nothing is really working or going a smoothly as it should in my head.

For me every sale is still a pinch me moment and has me dancing around the kitchen. I’m so proud of what we’ve managed to create, I have the most amazing family around me who I couldn’t do this without. Still working full time and doing this has presented several challenges but we have soldiered through! Special mention has got to be given to my grandad (or post master general as he’s affectionately known) I 100% could not do this without you no task is too big and your a blooming legend to be able to do this at 85! Also to Jack (my very patient boyfriend) who is my rock and has dealt with more tears, doubt and frustration than he ever thought possible from me (I’m not a drama queen I promise!). Lastly thank you to all of you, this wouldn’t be possible without!

Here’s to the next year....

Lots of love

Sophie x

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