Spring Cleaning in Summer!

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If you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is full of clothes you never wear but can’t bear to throw out! I have an awful habit of hoarding clothes, because I never throw anything away in case I might wear it again (even though I never do!). I haven’t had a big clear out in probably a year, so this week I had a ruthless cull of everything I don’t wear any more.

Once I emptied out my drawers and wardrobe, my room honestly looked like an episode of Extreme Hoarders. There was SO much stuff! Things I’d forgotten I had, and things I hadn’t seen in years! It was daunting at the start, but once I got going I became so brutal with what I was getting rid of, and managed to fill four black bags full of clothes. I was definitely blind to all of the clutter, and a lot of my clothes felt so tired and stale. Once I decided what I was keeping, I reorganised what I had left, and now it’s a great opportunity to start updating my wardrobe. I think that’s a really important approach to have to most things in life out with the old and in with the new!

If you’ve been putting off having a big clear out, just do it! It’s so therapeutic and worthwhile, and it’s the perfect excuse to shop

I hope everyone is enjoying the lovely weather, let’s hope it lasts as long as possible!

Sophie x

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I did this and my house looked as though it had been burgled 😂
Very cathartic though 😘

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