How to Style a Rattan Tray: Timeless Tips for a Classic Home

How to Style a Rattan Tray: Timeless Tips for a Classic Home

Rattan trays are a versatile and stylish addition to any home decor, blending practicality with a timeless aesthetic. Our rattan trays are all handwoven by skilled artisans, these trays bring a touch of rustic charm and elegance to your living spaces. We've put together some creative and practical tips on how to style a rattan tray to enhance your home decor.

1. Create a beautiful centrepiece
Rattan trays make perfect centrepieces for your dining or coffee table. Fill the tray with a mix of decorative items like candles, small vases, or seasonal flowers. Make sure you layer with items of different height. This creates a focal point that draws the eye and adds a layer of sophistication to your table setting.


2. Breakfast in Bed
Upgrade your morning routine by using a rattan tray for breakfast in bed. Arrange a beautiful spread with a teapot, cup and saucer, a small vase with fresh flowers, and a plate of pastries. The natural texture of the rattan adds warmth and cosiness to your relaxing weekend morning.

3. A warm and welcome entrance
Keep your entryway neat and stylish with a rattan tray. Place it on a console table to hold keys, sunglasses, mail, and other daily essentials. Not only does this help you stay organised, but it also adds a welcoming touch to your home’s entrance.


4. Bathroom Bliss
Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with a rattan tray. Use it to organise toiletries, scented candles, and rolled-up towels. The natural material of the rattan complements the serene environment, making your bathroom feel more luxurious.

5. Kitchen Companion
In the kitchen, a rattan tray can serve both functional and decorative purposes. Use it to display fresh fruits, herbs, or a collection of your favourite oils and vinegars. It’s a beautiful way to keep your countertop organised while adding a rustic touch to your kitchen decor.

6. Outdoor Entertaining
Rattan trays are perfect for outdoor entertaining. Use them to serve drinks and snacks during a garden party or barbecue. Their sturdy design and natural look seamlessly blend with the outdoor setting, making them an ideal choice for alfresco dining.

7. Books and Finishing Touches
For a stylish coffee table arrangement, pair a rattan tray with a stack of your favourite coffee table books. Add a decorative object or two, like a small sculpture or a candle, to complete the look. This creates a layered and visually appealing display.

8. Personalised By You
Add a personal touch to your rattan tray by incorporating items that reflect your style and interests. Whether it’s a collection of seashells, a favourite photo, or a small piece of art, personal elements make the tray uniquely yours and add character to your decor.

Rattan trays are more than just practical items; they are versatile decor pieces that can enhance any room in your home. By incorporating these styling tips, you can showcase the natural beauty and timeless elegance of rattan trays, creating stylish and organised spaces that reflect your personal taste. Whether used for organisation, decoration, or entertaining, a rattan tray is a perfect addition to any home looking to achieve a classic and chic aesthetic.

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