Shabby chic styling

Shabby chic styling

The term shabby chic is one that is repeated many times when choosing styles and decorating our homes. We like to think of shabby chic styling as something that is simple but beautiful and has a modern country farmhouse feel to it. When decorating our homes it’s really easy to go along with the latest trend or must have colour. Over the past few years there has been a real shift to moving towards using a lot more natural colours and tones when updating our homes.

We like to use a lot of wood when styling our homes whether its natural and untreated or reclaimed. By using different styles of wood in the home it allows you to choose colours and create warmth easily within your home. Reclaimed wood is something that is becoming increasingly popular and really embodies that shabby chic lived in style. By using reclaimed wood this means pieces of wood previously used can be repurposed to create beautiful furniture. A lot of our milkmaid (farmhouse stools) are made from this wood. This allows the product to be completely unique to the buyer as no two can be the same. The best part about this is the wood really has a story and is more sustainable. Home decorations that look more of a shabby chic style tend to be more sustainable as the lived-in look and distressed products associated with this usually call for more rustic pieces of wood.

Romantic florals are a way to add brighter colours and greenery into your home to add more texture and tone to create a shabby chic look. A lot of the vases and jugs we use are made from distressed and aged concrete, these materials are perfect for giving a more rustic style to your home. One of our favourites is the Tatton Vase paired with our pale pastel pink peonies. The juxtaposition of these two styles together creates the most beautiful look. We are incorporating more colours into our pitchers, our Delaware pitchers has beautiful cornflower blue tones which is a lovely way to add more colour and wonderful gift idea for those home lovers.

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