Kitchen worktop styling

Kitchen worktop styling

They say the kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’. We couldn’t agree more with this statement. Whether you’ve got little ones or a big family keeping everything in the kitchen tidy and organised is no easy task. A kitchen reorganise and reset will soothe the soul and don’t forget a tidy home is a happy home.

One of the ways we love to style and tidy our worktops is with styling benches. Not only does this help with tidying and organising, introducing a bench allows you to have more worktop space. This is a great solution if worktop space is limited in a smaller kitchen. If space isn’t something your short of a bench or stand is great way to get your creative juices following and create curated corners that can be changed with the seasons.

Styling your worktops can take away that feeling of clutter and ensure only the necessary pieces needed are only those left out on display. Creating stations on your worktops for things like tea, coffee and sugar or washing up and cleaning essentials makes everything look more organised. A great base to start building your stations is a tray or bench, this allows you to play around and work out how much space you need and what you want to add.

A hero product for us is our Rustic Country Cottage Stand. Made from rough sawn and reclaimed wood. The height of these stands gives you so much extra space on your worktop and gives you so much space to create a beautiful display. The different textures and uniqueness of this piece makes it such a versatile item to add to your home.

If space is limited on your worktops our Mini Rustic Stool allows you to add some more height, whether you want to add ceramic or glass stacked mugs as part of your tea and coffee station or introducing greenery and using it as a plant stand. This is another really versatile piece, again in our on trend shabby chic and modern country farmhouse style.

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