Autumn leaves & pumpkins please

Autumn leaves & pumpkins please

As we slowly start approaching the last few months of the year, in our opinion the best months! It really is just the best excuse to start decorating your house. If you’re anything like us, I would imagine your already itching to start getting your pumpkins out!

A change of season is a time for new beginnings and fresh starts. As the leaves change outside so do our homes inside. The cosy blankets come back out, although in this country we don’t put them away for very long! To us Autumn means snuggly soft furnishings, spiced candles and best of all pumpkins.

Introducing more warmer tones to your home is a great way to incorporate the change of seasons and a little bit of colour. This year we are thinking lots of rich browns and subtle warm terracotta tones. If the traditional pumpkin orange is too bright for you, we have introduced our black and grey concrete pumpkins. Adding the texture of the concrete in both the black and grey gives you the traditional pumpkin shapes but with a contemporary twist.

Variety of grey and black concrete pumpkins on hessian fabric


If you’re more daring we love adding splashes of brighter tones, especially in our flowers and wreaths. Our Autumnal Hydrangea Wreath is a great way to do this. It gives you the chance to be more daring with colours on a smaller scale. It might be that you never imagined having bright colours in your home but this is a great way to start playing with different colours and being a bit braver and more daring!

 Orange and brown toned hydrangea floral wreath with gold pumpkin on brown metal board.


What's your favourite season? How do you like to change your home decor for each season?

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I love the autumn colours and the ability to create wonderful trays and decor from your items.


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