Home décor on a budget

Home décor on a budget

Ahh budgets… when your inspiration comes from Instagram, Pinterest and your favourite YouTuber or influencer it’s very easy to get carried away and little bit disheartened when it comes to redecorating your home. We’ve all been there watching countless before and after transformations of huge homes that have seemingly happened overnight, and then looking at your own home and wondering how can I achieve that on my budget.

Where to find inspiration?

In today’s world watching the pennies is something the majority of us have become increasingly aware of. Changing and updating your home on a budget is becoming easier. We have so many free resources and tutorials at just the click of a button. Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube are the fantastic resources for inspiration. Although they are both social media apps and websites they can work like a search engine with thousands of handy tips and videos of home décor on a budget. Whether its DIY panelling or teaching yourself to wallpaper you can guarantee you will find a video or step by step guide on one of those websites.


In with the old

Charity shops and car boot sales are fantastic places to find bargains and sometimes even vintage pieces. Someone else’s unwanted item could be the piece you’ve been missing at often rock bottom prices. Old books, bottles and decorative pieces are often easy finds and perfect for upcycling. This is a great way to transform and restyle your bookcases or small nooks. It’s good to check out Facebook marketplace, a lot of people just want rid of items and you can get huge pieces of furniture for free.

Cheap room transformations

An entire room can be transformed by a change of colour. For the cost of a tin of paint you can breathe new life into your home. Sometimes all it takes to give a room an update is a fresh new colour and bright freshly painted woodwork. Sometimes all an item needs is a little love. Sideboards, dining tables and pieces of furniture can be transformed with a good sanding, a lick of paint and new handles.

Small changes make a big difference

Soft furnishings can transform a room and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to find great quality cushions and throws to give your sofa a little love. Sofas and chairs can be given a new lease of life with a good plumping and a new cushion. Our taupe star collection would be great for introducing into to your home with its neutral tones and little scattering of stars.

Who says art has to have a fancy name or price tag?

Creating your own art work doesn’t mean you have to be the next Picasso. Take inspiration from Jackson Pollock and get your hands a little messy. His style is very abstract and something similar can be created in your home. Pop to your local craft shop and pick up a canvas, paints and brushes and have ago are making your own masterpiece. Gallery walls can create a new focal point. Make it sentimental or why not pick out your favourite prints. Get creative choosing your pattern for how you’d like it to look on your wall.

Bring nature indoors

Autumn is the perfect time to bring the outdoors indoors. Get foraging outside, we love using leaves and pinecones in our displays, its a great way to bring more warmth and tones. Give your favourite tray or board a lift with little treasures from the outdoors. 

It's YOUR home

Most importantly of all when redecorating; whether you own or rent your home make it a reflection of you. Don’t follow the trends or what your favourite influencer has done to theirs, choose pieces because you love them. When you put time and effort into changing your home its something that you aren’t going to change all the time so really spend time considering the changes you are making. Your house should be your home, your own personal retreat. It should be the place you look forward to going at the end of the day. So take all the time you need, get your Pinterest boards out and plan how you’d like everything to look before you make any changes. And finally just have fun with it!




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