Gonks aren't just for Christmas

Gonks aren't just for Christmas

Over the past few years in the UK we have become a nation of gonk lovers. As the years have gone by, we have found gonks are becoming part of every season and occasion in the UK. The demand for all different styles of gonks has been increasing year on year. They started out as our favourite quirky festive friend at Christmas and the popularity for them is ever increasing.

What is a gonk?

In the UK, traditionally a gonk is a festive gnome. They are thought to have started appearing in the UK in the 1960s. The trend for Nordic Christmas decorations over the past few years has become very popular. The traditional Nordic Santa decoration with long fuzzy beards, plump bodies and rounded button nose.

Where do gonks originate from?

The gonk is thought to have originated from Scandinavian and Nordic mythology in the 1600s. Gonks were seen as a bringer of good luck and fortune, as well as protector of the home. It is thought that if the gonk liked the home it would protect it and if not they would cause mischief and ‘high jinks’ similar to the newer tradition of ‘Elf on the shelf’. Gonks are known by different names in different countries, according to Nordic folklore they can be known as Tomte (Swedish), Nisse, Tontte (Finnish) and Tomtenisse, traditionally associated with the Christmas season and winter solstice.

How do you style gonks?

Gonks are perfect for placing around the Christmas tree, in the tree, on mantlepieces, windowsills and anywhere you want to feel festive. Whether your going for a more traditional style of Christmas décor or modern, there’s always the perfect gonk to fit in with this style. Over the years it's more popular to have gonks for Easter, Halloween and even Valentine's Day.

White plush gonk pair with dangly legs on wooden bench, with white trees, glittery baubles, dinner in chamberstick and natural pinecones















Our limited edition Mr & Mrs Snowy White Gonk are perfect for any style of festive display, with their little white fluffy beards and dangly legs. They are definitely a piece that would be perfect year after year.

Do gonks have to be plush or are there other styles?

There are several different styles and types of gonks. There are lots of different styles and options these days when it comes to gonks. It's not longer just plush ones available. We particularly love our new hear, see, speak ceramic gonks if you're after something a little bit different. 

White ceramic set of three gonks, posed in hear, see and speak positions

Are you a fan of gonks, do you have them in your home all year round or just prefer them at Christmas?

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