Springing into spring!

If you’re anything like me the evenings getting lighter and the weather getting slightly warmer puts a spring in your step and you feel a little more optimistic about life! As much as I love getting cosy and the colours that autumn and winter bring. There is just something about the seasons changing and it getting lighter that just puts everyone in a better mood.

The light that comes streaming through the house (it doesn’t happen every day in Manchester mind you!) completely changes my mood. In winter and especially around January you can find it all gets a little depressing, we go to work and its dark we come home and it’s dark. But as the evenings are that little bit brighter, I start to feel more inspired and positive about everything! 

It’s around this time I start to think about the garden and sorting my bedding plants out. We are very fortunate that we have a gardener (my Grandad!) thankfully he does the mowing and weeding (he will occasionally remove something I was trying to grow!). Gardening is something that I used to laugh about when I’d hear my mum and Auntie chatting about theirs. Oh how times change! I can’t wait. As sad as it sounds I love it. I find the whole process really therapeutic, even watering them. Just taking that 5-10 times out of your day to go and water. It’s the perfect chance to reflect on your day! 

My bedding plant of choice has been geraniums the past few years. I love really bright pinks and reds, it’s a brilliant way for fill the garden with colour. A little tip for you is to buy the smaller trays of plants and one bigger more established one. That way you have colour in your pots from the beginning and it costs much less! 

Inside my house I have shied away from colour, but the garden is somewhere I love to play around with colour. Another project for us this year is painting the shed and fences (shockingly in a shade of grey!) but I think that with the different hues of pinks, reds, whites and greens will really pull everything together.

Right I better go my Grandad is after the secateurs, god knows what he wants to hack down! 

Let me know which plants you love to grow and how you fill your pots in the spring.

Til next time! 

Sophie xx


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