Texture & tones in your home

Texture & tones in your home

Sometimes when we’re planning how rooms and areas are going to look we overlook the need to add different textures to the space. You can really elevate your home by adding different textures. Whether that be log slices under vases or pitchers. Or wooden trays decorated with favourite ceramic and glass pieces.

Wicker is one of our favourite ways to add warmth to a room. The different tones natural wicker can give off allows you to use the different shades of grey and browns to bring your decor together and really elevate your interior design. Throughout the home natural wicker can be used in many different ways. From storage baskets, trays and even furniture.

A lot of the wooden products we have on our website are made from mango or reclaimed wood. One of the great properties of both these woods are they naturally have different shades, tones and textures in the wood. Mango wood is known to have several difference shades in every piece. A huge benefit of using these materials is they are both sustainable.

How do you like to add texture to your home? We’d love to know more!

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