Small kitchen storage ideas

Small kitchen storage ideas

The kitchen is the heart of most peoples homes. Whether you’ve got an open plan one or the traditional style galley kitchen, storage is always essential for the kitchen. Our kitchen cupboards and worktops often quickly become cluttered and full of junk. How often do you remember buying a jar of something, it gets pushed to the back of cupboard never to be seen again until its out of date and ready to be thrown away. We’re all guilty of it!

  1. Declutter your kitchen

The best place to start is always with a big Spring clean. Start with that messy drawer, we all have one in our kitchens that drawer filled with everything that doesn’t really have a home. It you haven’t used it in six months, ask yourself do you really need to keep it? Are you actually ever going to use it?


Next it’s the cupboards. Sort through all those jars and packets, are they still in date? Does anyone actually like it? Are you going to eat or use it? Packets of dried items like pasta and rice look beautiful stored in glass jars, like our heart lidded glass storage jars.


  1. Worktop styling

Beautiful homeware pieces shouldn’t be hidden away. Clear space in your cupboards by using your crockery and chopping boards as stylish pieces to have on display. Introduce natural tones to your kitchen with natural wooden benches add your favourite mugs on top and under them. Place chunky wooden chopping boards on the worktop to free up cupboard space and add beautiful tones to your kitchen.


Beautifully styled worktops will give your kitchen a new lease of life. It’s a great chance to have items you use out on display all the time, it makes them easier to reach for over time and gives you a clearer idea of items you’re no longer using as well.


  1. Planning your space

It’s far easier to keep your cupboard and spaces clutter free if you have a plan. As someone once said ‘those who fail to plan, plan to fail’ although it’s a little dramatic when talking about your kitchen storage space. The sayings true, if you plan how you want your space to look it makes it a lot easier to achieve. Pinterest is great inspiration for dreaming up ideas for your ideal kitchen space, although you might not have the space to create your dream kitchen. By sitting down and taking 30 minutes to plan out your space you’ll be further on your way to creating your perfect storage plans for your kitchen living space.

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Such a beautiful website & how it came into being. Do you ship to Australia, as I love the lollie jars with the heart lids? Wish you every blessing as your business expands.
Warm wishes,
Cherie Hately

Cherie Hately

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