How many mugs is too many? Asking for a friend

How many mugs is too many? Asking for a friend

For us in the UK, a cup of tea is our answer to almost every problem. That means for the majority of us we have a cupboard filled with mugs for every occasion. We have those sentimental mugs that we could never part with, even though they might be chipped. They have a special meaning or nostalgic memory. Our favourite mug for the perfect cup of tea or coffee. Our cosy mug for those much needed hot chocolates in the winter. The list is endless.

Sentimental mugs

Do you have one? You often find the most sentimental mugs, perhaps aren’t the prettiest ones. They are the ones that take you back to a really special time or were given to you by someone special. Mugs like these are the ones we’ll take out of the cupboard year after year. When you’re feeling a little low and want reminisce around happier times it’s these mugs we hunt down from the back of the cupboard to enjoy a soothing cup of tea from. Often it doesn’t matter how many chips they have they aren’t easily parted with.

The mug for the perfect cup of tea or coffee

We’ve all got them. There is a mug in everyone’s cupboard that tea or coffee just tastes better from. The perfect drink is made in this mug. It’s the one you miss when it’s in the dishwasher and you need a perfect cup of tea. The one you use when you get back from holiday when you need to relax after all that travelling. Our beautiful Spring country mugs are made from china and make the perfect cup of tea.


The cosy mug

This is usually a little larger, it’s the one you use for your hot chocolates. It’s the one you can pile high with whipped cream and marshmallows. It’s the perfect size to wrap your hands around while you get all cosy with your favourite feel good movie. This is a mug you usually save for Autumn and Christmas time when you need all the cosy warm vibes. Our beautiful putty toned stoneware mugs are the perfect size to wrap your hands around on a cold day.

How many mugs are in your kitchen cupboards?

Do you have a sentimental mug?

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