Introducing colour to your home

Introducing colour to your home

As the trends have changed over the years, colour in the home has become something most of us fear. For most of us we have introduced a more subtle colour palette to our homes, lots of shades of white, grey and beige. Sometimes the introduction of colour can be a daunting thing. The brighter the colour they more scary it is to have in your home.

Blooming lovely blooms

Whether real or faux, flowers and greenery is the easiest way to introduce colour to your home. Greenery can be the least daunting to add, a beautiful bunch of eucalyptus placed in a beautiful ceramic vase is a beautifully classic way to add that lovely pop of greenery and really give your home a little refresh. Springtime is all about pastel tones so now is the perfect time to try adding softer colourful tones. Our Spring Hyacinths, in purple, lilac and white are perfect for giving that pop of colour but in a much more subtle way.

Subtle colour for the kitchen

The kitchen is the perfect area to introduce colour to your home. There’s really simple ways to do this, from colourful mugs to cookbooks the possibilities in the kitchen are endless. Classic wooden salt and pepper mills are a simple but really effective way to add colour. Whether traditional grey is more your style or be more daring with a pop of pink. They are a classic and practical piece to have in your home.

Cosy Cushions and throws

Soft furnishings are a lovely way to try out brighter colours, as they can be moved around and easily changed. Cushions and throws are perfect for this, whether it’s your living room or bedroom they let you try out different colours in an easy way. As they can be moved around you can try different colour palettes in different rooms, it let’s you get used to colour without it being a permanent change.

Are you daring with colour? How bright is too bright for your home?

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