Blooming Beautiful

Blooming Beautiful

Flowers are always a beautiful way to transform your home. Whether you prefer real or faux flowers, the beauty of adding the simple touches of delicate petals or a fresh pop of greenery to your home really does elevate your decor to the next level. 

Benefits of faux flowers

  • One of the biggest benefits of faux flowers is the flexibility to always have your favourite flowers in your home. This means you can build bouquets around your favourite flowers instead of what’s currently in season. If you love hydrangeas and peonies together in an arrangement, the beauty of faux flowers means you can have these flowers together in your home year round.

  • Investing a little more in beautiful quality faux flowers will ensure the flowers have a more lifelike appearance and often have people questioning if they are real or artificial flowers. Often better quality faux flowers are made from silk, meaning petals and leaves will look a lot more realistic. This should also mean your arrangements really do stand the test of time with a little weekly dusting your artificial flowers should last you for years to come. 

  • As faux flowers usually have a wired stem it makes them a lot easier to bend and shape into place in your favourite vase, giving you the perfect arrangement that will stay in place for as long as you wish. 

  • Another fabulous benefit of using faux flowers means you can play around with your bouquet and change it as often as you wish. Whether you prefer deeper tones in the winter months and brighter tones in the lighter months, the beauty of faux flowers means they can be stored away until you need them. You can even store them away as ready made bouquets, you can have ready at a moments notice as they should hold there shape due the materials they have been made from. 



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