When should we take our Christmas decorations down?

When should we take our Christmas decorations down?

Sooner or later? 

The great debate of when to take your Christmas decorations down is always a bone of contention. After all the festivities are over some like to take everything down and put the house ‘back to normal’. Whereas some believe decorations should be removed by the twelfth night (5th January), to not bring bad luck upon your home.

A blank canvas 

It’s always a little strange when everything is put away. The house almost seems bare, like a blank canvas almost. The perfect chance to start having a little play around with your home decor for the warmer months that are finally on the way.

A fresh start

Taking your decorations down is the perfect chance to have a really good organisation. It’s the perfect fresh start to the new year. Who doesn’t love getting everywhere organised. Whether it’s the children’s toys and presents or the kitchen cupboards. Tiktok videos and Instagram reels are a great source of home organising inspiration. From sorting out your spice rack to handy tips and tricks for folding your clothes. It’s world of inspiration for anything you could require for getting your home looking organised and ‘back to normal’ after all the excitement of the festive period.

Home organising and inspiration 

The end of Christmas is the perfect time to sort through your decorations. Like most of us we buy a little something each year to add to our collection. As pieces become a little tired or your tastes have changed. Why not sort through and donate those that aren’t your favourites to a local charity to give them chance be reused and loved again in another home.


What’s your routine for taking down the Christmas tree?


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